What Therapists are Saying about the Somatic Attachment Psychotherapy Training

by Jan 9, 20240 comments

This fall we graduated two cohorts from the Somatic Attachment Psychotherapy 2-year trainings. As we were basking in the glow of the hard and heart work, theirs and ours, we started thinking about getting an insider’s perspective to the training for the BBP blog. We asked for some thoughts, comments, testimonials, whatever people wanted to offer…here’s a few to chew on. Just a quick note to say, we are thrilled with the kind and powerful statements, and blushing just a wee bit.

This is SUCH a brilliantly designed and executed program. I could write a small book about how BBP has strengthened my practice and my life. Each intensive builds on the skills and learning from the one before as the trust and safety in the cohort strengthens. Lisa’s kind and skillful relational guidance allowed me to lean further into the material and into the field in such profound ways. I am so very grateful to have found you and this community!

I strongly recommend this program to any and all counsellors. Attending the BBP 2 yr SAP training course with Lisa Mortimore and Stacy Jensen was simply life changing for me—both professionally and personally. This is hands down the best training I have ever had the privilege to attend and I have taken a lot of training in my almost 20 years in the field! The beautiful blend of solid, foundational academic research combined with witnessing Lisa’s live demonstrations followed by an opportunity to actually practice the skills in each and every intensive made this program invaluable to me.  I have grown and healed as a person and am a more skilled counsellor because of my learning and the deeply relational approach that Lisa and Stacy stand by. You will not only gain skills & confidence but you will also become part of an incredible community of committed, skilled, compassionate practitioners. I already can’t wait for the advanced program to begin.

—Tracy Myers, MC, RCC

This training offers the opportunity to become part of a therapeutic community that is rooted in love, where all beings are held with deep respect and dignity. This two-year program offers a gentle layering of skill development and personal transformation, through the ongoing practice of integrating theory, witnessing powerful demonstrations, and practicing skills in a supportive environment. I have come away with so many more resources to use with clients and much more access to my own creativity, lightness, and ease in the work. It is rare to be in the field of such incredible skill and come away with more confidence in ourselves and our own abilities. Lisa brings deep intelligence, humour, humility, and kindness to the practice, encouraging play, experimentation and trust in our clients and ourselves. I’m so grateful for this experience and am looking forward to what comes next.

—Karen Max, MEd, RCC

A few weeks ago a man came to my office after a harrowing work event that left him wondering if he could return. We sat, deeply, tentatively, carefully, and lovingly. Together we found the space and words to heal. He is eager to return to work. 

 I am deeply grateful to have the foundational aspects of the BBP work to guide my practice, build my knowledge, and ignite the wisdom inherent between the client and me. 

Lisa and Stacy and their team offer a well researched, organic, implicit, and authentic approach that supports clinicians to develop the skills to heal clients on multiple levels. 

Essential practice. 

— Roseanne Cooper MC, AT, RCC

It’s hard to put words to all that I received from the SAP training and cohort. Part way through the training, my nervous system began to respond in new ways to my clients, and to my own internal work. I am continuing to notice somatic responses to material that arises, trusting that my body is processing in new ways with its own wisdom and truth. Integrating this transformation feels invaluable, in addition to strong and clear clinical skills I was able to develop around how to work relationally, with an attachment frame and weaving in somatic skills and practices. The facilitation team was incredibly helpful and supportive, and Lisa’s teaching is precise, deep and offers a unique perspective on the complexity of trauma, soul and spirit and deep ecology. I am deeply grateful for all I’ve received and am excited about the opportunity to deepen in the work with an advanced training. 5 stars!  

—Caitlin Colson, MA, RCC