Let’s Talk About, A Not So Private Practice Podcast

by Jan 3, 20240 comments

Happy New Year! I spent my winter holidays mucking about with a few things—catching up on my reading (only fiction over the holidays), clearing out the attic (oh my goodness), making chocolate (with candied oranges and marzipan), taking time with friends, family and feline, and, I had the pleasure of digging into and finishing the A Not So Private Practice podcast (great title!) with hosts Laura Bull and Stephanie Davis, co-owners of Shoreline Counselling (both BBP alumni and facilitators!!!). I was also thrilled to hear a few other shoreline team members (and BBP folks) share their experience of practicing at Shoreline – Amanda Murphy (another BBP alumni and facilitator) and Millie Bata and Mariah Kingston (both currently in the BBP June 2023 cohort).

I laughed, I mean out loud more than a few times…but most of all, I felt good listening to them—talk about stimulating my ventral vagal system😊I was smiling listening to them relate and share their experience of starting, running and growing their group practice. They companioned me as I sorted through boxes of stuff from the attic, and I was entertained, my curiosity was piqued, and I learned a few things about them, about the trials and tribulations of group practice leadership and ownership, about running a clinical practice in terms of marketing, social media, grants/funding etc., and, about how much they love budgeting (who knew). All good stuff.

But, I had two favourite parts, both in the wrap up podcast (but listen to it all, it’s worth it). One, I appreciated their conversation about women and balance, in particular, women who are driven or ambitious, and, I agree, it’s less about balance and more about finding the vitality to live the life you want (and the people to partner with to make that happen – like Laura and Steph have). I also really liked how they framed their relationship—it came up when they talked about their first bad review of the podcast (I couldn’t believe they got a bad review) and that it was someone who didn’t like how much they liked one another, and I loved, I mean really loved, how they framed it, their relationship, as a love story, and it is. Who doesn’t love a good love story? (that’s right from the podcast!!). So, if you are looking for a little lightness packed with wisdom, take some time this winter and listen to season one. I can’t wait until season two!!! Way to go Steph and Laura!  http://www.anotsoprivatepractice.ca